3 Ways to Enjoy Bike Riding in the Winter

In an effort to continue our (unofficial) theme this winter, we’re going to share more tips on HOW TO LOVE WINTER. An added bonus is that this month won’t require mountain slopes, like last month’s SKI TIPS. This month’s tips will get you excited about WINTER BIKE RIDING! How is it possible to be excited about biking in the snow and freezing cold temperatures? Take a look at our tips below!

1. Get a Fatbike & Accessories

The wide and stocky, low air pressure FATBIKE is rising in popularity. Why? Because it’s extending the bike riding season all year round! While riding a fatbike is slower (similar to mountain biking) than the fast-paced street cycling, it brings SATISFYING ADVENTURE to those hungering for activity during typically dormant months. It’s thrilling to see where these bikes can take you! To get the most out of a fatbike, it’s best to bundle up so you can ride without windchill harassment. Here are some accessory ideas:

  • Winter cap
  • Balaclava (facemask)
  • Pogies (mitts that’ll insulate your hands & bar handles)
  • Gaiters (like outdoor leggings that protect footwear from snow & cold)
  • Reflective gear (including flashing lights for visibility during dark winter days)

2. Ride a Fatbike to Work

Why give up the warmth of your car for a snowy bike ride to work? A city resident was quoted in the Democrat and Chronicle: “When I ride my bike to work I smell the bakery, or go past the yard sale and stop on a whim. I find a little shop I never noticed before, or I go down the bike path by the river.” Imagine all the SIGHTS, SOUNDS, and SMELLS you’re missing when you’re not riding your bike to work! Maybe you just appreciate the joys of bike riding to work during the summer. Well, fatbiking to work in the winter has potential to be even more adventurous. You can explore trails, and offroads that might give you a different route to work. You can enjoy the beauty of a fresh fallen snow in the woods before you begin the daily grind.

3. Join a Fatbike Race

Search to find one of the hundreds of local fatbike races being held these months. Entering a fatbike race is sure to get you excited about bike riding in the snow! Most races include a one hour circuit around lovely-looking, iced-over parks, ponds, and hiking paths. While coordinators usually rule out bikes with tire widths below 3.5”, these races generally include an OPEN RACE after the main race so any cycler can join the fun. These races are excellent for building a winter biking COMMUNITY as well as helping local bike shop businesses receive awareness. Here are some things you might experience at a fatbike race:

  • Live race results (including: lap times, distance, speed, etc.)
  • On-course photography
  • Groomed, rider-friendly terrain
  • Heated lodging
  • Food & drinks
  • Prizes

After your first fatbike race, hang an awesome photo of your time in the race right next to a Talic bike storage rack that’ll display your fatbike like a TROPHY. Then get back outside for MORE ADVENTURE!