When Stars Line Up.

Sunday was my birthday.  I don’t require much fuss, and as two of my sons are away, one living in Virginia, one in college, I was planning a quiet dinner with my husband and my two sons living in town, and our grandsons.

10 pm Friday night, reading in my chair, and the front door opens.  Really?  Who could it be?  In walks Nick and Jake!  They planned to surprise me a month ago; they were all in on it.   Jake drove home to Upstate New York from Virginia (with sweet baby girl Ava and big dog Moose) and Nick rearranged his work schedule and grabbed a 3 hour ride home from school.  I was so surprised, I couldn’t get my words out straight!  (I am told that this is a common occurrence as you age.)

My quiet Sunday was now filled with the happy voices of my family – all eleven of them.  All my sons together, and their families.  Happy Birthday indeed! 

It’s hard to get every one together; everyone is busy living their own lives.  Work, school, raising a family.  Life is busy.  Schedules rarely coincide.  So when the stars line up, and you get a special gift, that’s when you think to yourself – life is really good.