Are Fatbikes TOO FAT for Our Bike Storage Rack?

Got Cabin Fever?

If you’re a diehard cycler, no doubt FATBIKES are keeping you on the trails this winter. Fatbikes are a perfect cure for cabin fever, and that’s why we want to share a little about how our bike storage rack is the BEST way to keep your fatbike ready for a ride through the tundra.

They’re Fat, but Not Too Fat

Fatbikes, or fat tire bikes, are known for their comically wide wheels (≈3.7–4.8 inches) and low air pressure (≤10 psi). As a result, fatbikes end up weighing anywhere from a little under 30 pounds to a little over 40 pounds. While this design adds a stockiness to the bicycle, it doesn’t hinder the effectiveness of our wall mount bike storage rack. Since our rack has a maximum reach of 12.75 inches, a fatbike’s top tube will rest about 11 inches away from the wall – leaving enough room for those chunky tires to hang without scraping your wall. Also, our bike storage rack can handle bikes that weigh up to 45 pounds, which is sure to manage nearly any fatbike since even the heaviest models don’t tend to exceed 40 pounds. Sure, fatbikes are a bit bulkier than others, but that won’t stop you from being able to display it on your wall.

Our Bike Storage Rack Keeps Your Fatbike Looking Beautiful

After you’re done plunging through mountains, snow, or sand, our bike storage rack will be ready to display and protect your fatbike. Our birch plywood offers a clean and polished look to the rack that makes it a visually flawless platform. The rack’s neoprene cushions prevent your fatbike from getting scratches; that, and the 2.75 inches of cradle space will keep your fatbike stored securely in excellent condition. The reason the cradle is so long is so it can fit the many bikes that have top tubes that are 2 inches or more in diameter.And there you have it, fatbikes aren’t TOO FAT for our bike storage rack.

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