Bike Commuting: Own It, Love It, Propel It

Struggling to be a consistent bike commuter?

In honor of the coming Bike to Work Day 2015 (May 15th – mark your calendars), we decided to share some ideas to help you and your friends – not only bike more – but develop a biking lifestyle. After all, the richness of biking makes you feel better physically, emotionally, aesthetically and adds more to your life than other commuting options. Here are 3 tips to develop a bike commuting lifestyle:

1. Own It: Make biking your ONLY option

When it comes to a cold, windy, or rainy day, bike commuting pales in comparison to the comfort of driving to work. That comfort will always be there so long as you allow it to be an option. But if you really want to develop a bike commuting habit, you need to cut off your comforts. Set your helmet on the table, pack your waterproof messenger bag with needed supplies, and rid yourself of all other options:

  • Store your car keys in jello
  • Hide your metrorail pass at your inlaws’

2. Love It: Count the beauties of biking

One flaw to making biking your only option is it has potential to cause you to HATE what you’re doing. You might associate cycling with misery when cold wind whips at your ears, or when rain soaks your pants. Fight those negative associations; count the positives you notice while cycling. Here are some things to think about on your bike commute:

  • Notice the ever-changing sights, sounds & smells of your route
  • Concentrate on the muscles you’re exercising & making stronger
  • Hear & feel your heart rejoicing during this great cardiovascular workout
  • Consider how hardcore you are for biking rain/shine – not even WEATHER can stop you!

3. Propel It: Become fully biking-optimized

Living in an apartment complex without a bike rack? This can make having your bike ready for the commute slightly more difficult. However, our new Woodlands bike hanger allows you to customize your own storage setup indoors. It can lift your bike up and out of the way horizontally, or vertically to save space. You could also customize the system to hang one tire and keep another tire on the floor so that it’s ready to go when you are. If you find the options of our Woodlands bike hanger to be a little over the top for your needs, our classic bike storage rack creates a more economical, but still really peachy way to store your cycle. Either way, having a beautiful place to store your bike in-between commutes will continue to prompt you with excitement for your next cycling adventure!