Black Friday Shopper-holic Finds Solace.

I admit it, I love a bargain.  My name is Jeannie, and I am a Black Friday shopper.  

Well, I used to be.  It used to be you could really find a bargain, and to be honest, for me, it was more about the energy I felt, the chase and the conquer.   Four young boys at home, and I was up at 5 am, searching for that coveted item.  It was just as much fun passing a Cabbage Patch Doll over heads for someone down the aisle as it was finding Buzz Lightyear.  But the boys grew, and material things meant less and less – to all of us.  Sure, they still wish for things, but why get a new flat screen TV just because it’s on sale when the old box still works?  I guess I’m not a good consumer, not for the sake of consuming, anyway.

We really think about our purchases, we repurpose, we swap back and forth within the extended family.  Just last week we picked up a treadmill from our niece.  She no longer had a need for it; we think we’ll use it.  

So here’s a suggestion.  Nov 25th, the day after Thanksgiving, BLACK FRIDAY, stay home!  Gather everyone together, eat leftovers, get a jump on baking Christmas cookies.  Maybe actually freeze some this year.  Play games – Pitch is a new favorite in our house.  Or bring out the board games – Pictionary, Monopoly.  Oh go ahead, bring out some of those cookies you just baked.  🙂

As the years go by, when the family gathers, what will they remember more – the times you got together and played games while eating their favorite cookies, or that green comforter you got on sale?