Is Talic Prop 65 compliant?

I got an email from a potential customer yesterday asking if Talic uses materials that are Prop 65 compliant. She wanted to buy a set of our Woodlands Series, wood

Kayak Storage for High-Quality Boats

Beautiful boats deserve beautiful storage. When you have high-quality canoes or kayaks, or both, why tuck them away or cover them up out of sight? The best way I’ve found

Places to Fly Fish in Oregon. By Season

Oregon offers spectacular fishing. Fresh or salt, a lifetime is barely enough to scratch the surface of all the possibilities. The picturesque North-western state offers all the abundance of the

How to Store Your Water Sporting Gear

If you want your water sporting and outdoor equipment to last as long as possible, it’s essential to store it properly. Your gear is a considerable cost investment, so maintaining

Woodlands Fly Fishing Rod Storage Kit

Calling all fishermen and women! Whether you are a deep sea and ocean fishing enthusiast, a freshwater fishing expert, or have a passion for all, you’ll likely find yourself in

How to Store your Beloved Bike: Tips and Tricks

It is important to know how to store your bicycle. Here are some considerations when thinking about bicycle storage for your needs. Types of Bicycles When planning your bicycle storage,

Fan Mail

Dear Jeannie, This note is so long overdue but better late than never. Last November you delivered our Owasco kayak storage system to us…. and, after the completion of our storage

Serious tie down straps for all seasons

Most kayakers use cam straps to tie down their kayaks. Here’s an option for those times when you need a little more gripping power. The FlipTite tie-down strap is just

Talic- Voted into top 10 Bike Racks

Ok, so we’re number ten. But hey, we made it, didn’t we? We are so honored and it happened all while we were unaware. One day we got a notice

The Legendary Atchafalaya has lost it’s Keeper

We recently learned that Greg Ghirard has died. If you have never heard of Greg, let me tell you a little about him.   Tim and I were blessed to

Snow in summer maybe?

I’m always a bit surprised when we get so many orders during the summer months for Ski Racks. Here’s a letter we got today from a guy (president of a

The Talic version of Customer Service

An email from a customer showed up to say:  Hi Jeannie, I purchased your Talic Kayak Condo (Single) storage rack. I have not opened the package I received. What is your

Looking back to see our future.

Two things happened that have affected the way Talic is going to operate going forward.  1. We went to Spain.  2. I read a book. If you have read our history,

Nos Vamos a España!

Translation… We’re off to Spain! Opportunities present themselves, but it’s up to us to take them. Take Spain, for example. And we did!!   As I’ve said, my bucket list dream is

It’s been said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

While surfing through the web the other day, an image caught Tim’s eye. It was a picture of his Woodlands Series – the first ever, all wood, modular wall-mounted storage

It’s a perfect day for Kayaking!

The weather sure is crazy – yesterday morning it was 50º, last night it was 18º. Right now the yards are covered with snow and it looks like winter is going

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Only 6 days until Christmas, but for me, it’s only 4!  Friday, December 23rd, is my extended family’s Christmas party.  We expect about 53 at our home this year.  With

Black Friday Shopper-holic Finds Solace.

I admit it, I love a bargain.  My name is Jeannie, and I am a Black Friday shopper.   Well, I used to be.  It used to be you could

Skinny 17-year-old boy defends country’s freedom

My Dad was very patriotic. He grew up when Americans still saluted the flag and got emotional during the National Anthem.  He, the second of six boys, was a baby

US Patent 7,168,666

I spent today making SeaHorses, Talic’s portable aluminum kayak stand.  And that got me to thinking, if you were looking for a portable kayak stand, why wouldn’t you choose the

When Stars Line Up.

Sunday was my birthday.  I don’t require much fuss, and as two of my sons are away, one living in Virginia, one in college, I was planning a quiet dinner

The Smell of Wood

by Jeannie Tucker When I first came to work for Talic, I wanted to save every little scrap piece of wood.  I imagined all of these crafty little projects I

Hiking with Friends.

Tim and I had a great weekend hiking in the Adirondacks with our good friends, Mary and Dan.  I love being in the woods, the leaves at their peak color,

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!

Here at Talic, we like to think of ourselves as naturalists and conservationists, living close to the earth.  We promote sustainable living, we garden, we compost, we recycle.  We feel

Talic makes it’s home at International Harvester

Our shop is tucked away in an old industrial area, called the International Harvester complex. The complex was once a mecca of industry, manufacturing farm machinery during the Industrial Revolution

Marketing vs. Connecting

As the owner of a small business, I am told over and over again how important marketing is to my business. In today’s world of social media and the internet,

Cajun Country

by Jeanne Tucker As you can well imagine, I talk to a lot of people, even from around the world. And every now and then, we enjoy a friendly conversation

First Day of Fall

Today, Sep 22 is the first day of Fall. Time to put the summer clothes away and get out the rakes. Wait, STOP!! Here in the Finger Lakes, we still

Summer’s Not Over!

You can’t seem to turn on a TV, listen to the radio or open a newspaper without being told that summer is over and “back to school” season is upon

The National Park Service’s Turns 100 Years Young!

Aug 25th, the National Park Service is turning 100! For those that don’t know, their role is twofold – preserving the National Parks across the country and making them accessible to

Discover Our Classic Kayak Storage Rack!

Welcome to our first official blog post! And as our FIRST post, we thought it’d be appropriate to highlight our FIRST ever kayak storage rack: the Classic Freestanding Storage System.

Stand Upside DOWN Paddleboarding & Other Uses of an SUP

SUP Is Great For “Hiking,” Racing, Fishing, and Fitness! If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already experienced (or at least heard of) Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP). Larger and heavier than its

Are Fatbikes TOO FAT for Our Bike Storage Rack?

Got Cabin Fever? If you’re a diehard cycler, no doubt FATBIKES are keeping you on the trails this winter. Fatbikes are a perfect cure for cabin fever, and that’s why

Why Winter DOESN’T Suck: 3 Ways Skiing Helps You Love Winter

Winter brings the perfect atmosphere for ADVENTURE. How? You never know if your car is going to make it from Point A to Point B! Just teasing. The kinds of

3 Ways to Enjoy Bike Riding in the Winter

In an effort to continue our (unofficial) theme this winter, we’re going to share more tips on HOW TO LOVE WINTER. An added bonus is that this month won’t require

Invite Adventure Indoors with Talic’s New Home Storage System

Do you love sports? Then your sports equipment probably looks more like works of art that need to be showcased, instead of stored away somewhere. The Talic Woodlands Modular System was

Talic Rack Prevents Roof, Snow & Tree from Destroying Garage Valuables

Good morning Tim, I was on your site last night ordering some new products, reading some of the recent customer feedback and noticed all the nice photos of your products.

Bike Commuting: Own It, Love It, Propel It

Struggling to be a consistent bike commuter? In honor of the coming Bike to Work Day 2015 (May 15th – mark your calendars), we decided to share some ideas to help you and your

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