Discover Our Classic Kayak Storage Rack!

Welcome to our first official blog post! And as our FIRST post, we thought it’d be appropriate to highlight our FIRST ever kayak storage rack: the Classic Freestanding Storage System.

Penobscot: our very 1st kayak storage rack

Tired of Ugly Kayak Storage Racks?

Cheap, utilitarian kayak storage racks are generally made of powder-coated metal. Sure, those ones serve their purpose, and might be a solid choice for someone looking to try out kayaking for the first time. But for those of us who ride the waters often, we want to display our boats like trophies. Our Classic freestanding kayak storage rack offers exactly that.

Why Our Freestanding Kayak Storage Rack Is so Cool

These beautiful designs were created in 1999 by our founder, Tim Tucker, to store and display kayaks and various other boats. Our freestanding kayak storage rack does not require a wall for support, or any other structure. In fact, the gorgeous material we use to keep these structures standing on their own is southern yellow pine, maple, and birch plywood. Not only are these some of the strongest woods available, they add an upscale mentality to your storage display, making it emotionally and aesthetically pleasing.

It Doesn’t Stop at Beauty, It’s Versatile Too!

Besides aesthetics, our Classic kayak storage rack offers versatility benefits. Our freestanding frames are way more modular than our competition (who might offer 3-4 spaces at most). Our systems can be arranged to carry any number up to seven boats! Our brackets can also be adjusted so you can arrange the frame to carry a variety of different types of boats. We have brackets that suit narrow touring kayaks, wider, stable kayaks or boats, and even large canoes. All of these boats can fit onto ONE Classic rack.

Our Classic kayak storage rack is extremely modular!

So if you’re looking to display your trophies on the proper mantle, check out our Classic Freestanding Storage Systems. You won’t be disappointed. Prices range from $445 (2 boats) to $1,199.55 (7 boats ). Thanks for reading, and check in again next month for more updates on Talic products and outdoor adventures.

And remember: Be Good To Your Toys.