Frequently Asked Questions

With Talic Storage Systems’ Frequently Asked Questions you get immediate answers to all your questions. If your question is not in our FAQ, please feel free to contact Talic.

All of our wooden racks can be used outdoors, but be sure it is either under some type of covering or finished with a good deck seal. Be sure to reapply the sealant each year.

Unless otherwise noted all of the Talic systems can hold boats that are 100 pounds or less. Each boat can be 100 pounds.

No. The soft webbing protects each of your boats by conforming to its individual shape and dispersing the weight across a large area.

For canoes and kayaks, either way works because the webbing conforms to any shape and the pressure from the boat is dispersed all across that area.

Yes. We have a 30-day product money back guarantee. There is 15% restocking fee for returns after that period.

Generally, 6 feet works well. But, if you have an extra-long kayak or canoe it’s best if they are a little further apart. Think of your boat as two halves. You then want to support the middle of each half. The reason for having them further apart is more about the stability of your boat than its weight distribution. Remember that the brackets need to be bolted to a stud, so find the studs that come close to that dimension.

Couldn’t find your answer ? Ask us. We’re here to help.

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