Invite Adventure Indoors with Talic’s New Home Storage System

Do you love sports? Then your sports equipment probably looks more like works of art that need to be showcased, instead of stored away somewhere. The Talic Woodlands Modular System was designed to help you do just that. It’s your excuse to live with your passion like never before.

The beauty and multi-use of Talic’s BRAND NEW Woodlands System is specifically designed for home storage. The Woodlands add color to your blank wall and bring the personality of your active life with you when it’s time to head indoors. Here’s how they work:

The Rails

This is where it all begins! The vertical rail is the base for all your Woodlands accessories. Made of premium ash wood, our standard 60” long vertical rail mounts to your wall to flexibly arrange our new line of shelving. Depending on whether you’re looking to hang a decorative shelf, outdoor sports equipment, or clothing racks, you might choose one or more vertical rails.

Order your vertical rail for $19.95→

Shelving Accessories

After you laid the foundation with our mounted rails, you’re ready to attach the shelving. Choose from a wide selection of shelving accessories – from various types of boats and boards, to fishing equipment, to shelves for decorative items, and even clothing racks! Explore the option you’re looking for:

Starter Kits

If you’re not sure how best to arrange your new home storage display, try one of our Woodlands Starter Kits! Our starter kits make selecting the right shelving accessories easier by bundling the brackets you need to best display your water toys (sorry, no starter kits for clothing or decor shelves yet). Our expert grouping of the rail and bracket system saves you time in getting your interior display up and running.

Don’t let that blank wall stare its bald face at you any longer; explore our Woodlands Home Storage System and invite your adventures INDOORS!