It’s been said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

While surfing through the web the other day, an image caught Tim’s eye. It was a picture of his Woodlands Series – the first ever, all wood, modular wall-mounted storage system. Who put this picture up? he thought. Upon closer inspection, the truth was exposed – it was an imposter.

Talic’s Woodlands Series was designed by Tim – it’s his ideas and sketches brought to
life to aesthetically display your belongings – from boats to skis to fishing rods, bikes, books and clothing, well, you get the idea. Pretty much everything. Beautiful hardwood Ash rails, strong and superior Baltic Birch accessories. Look up the word “wood” in the dictionary, it may as well have a picture of Talic products beside it.

Epic Outdoor Adventures opens in 2012.

The first Woodlands Series was installed in an outdoor retail shop in Fayetteville, NY back in early 2012. Tim worked closely with the owner, creating the look and feel desired. The finished shop was beautiful. And because we love to share what we use ourselves, we offered it to the world. The Woodlands have gone to homes all across America, and across the big pond too.

In November 2015, the Talic Woodlands Series went to Marc W. of California. Marc W. then copied Tim’s designs, created a website in 2016, and is now currently advertising a storage system he took from us.  

I suppose we should be flattered – this “founder” comes “from a high adventure sports background.” And he chose to copy us?! Woo Hoo!! Meh, not impressed.

Where’s the patent?

The point is, Tim designed this system, they are his ideas. No, it isn’t patented. It’s very expensive and time consuming to patent products. We would spend a good chunk of our profits, and hours of our time, to obtain one patent. We know, we’ve done it before. So, we chose not to patent the Woodlands Series.

If Marc saw our system, admired it, and decided to create something of his own that was similar for his own personal use, kudos to him! Then I AM really flattered! But, Marc W. did not create the system – he stole it, and then he marketed it as his own. For someone to pawn off someone else’s creation as his own is low and unethical.

Original and still customizable.

The Talic Woodlands Series was the first, remains the original, and will continue to be the best all-wood modular storage system for all of your needs. Check us out at If you have a need we haven’t covered yet, let us know, we may be able to help.