Looking back to see our future.

Two things happened that have affected the way Talic is going to operate going forward.

 1. We went to Spain.

 2. I read a book.

If you have read our history, you know that Tim started Talic in his garage. He needed to store his three kayaks, and his prototype turned out so well, he wanted to share it with others with the same need.

Tim comes from a family of helpers. His parents were involved in the community bringing help to anyone who needed a hand – a warm meal, a warm coat, a warm hug. So it was natural for Tim to want to share his solution for boat storage with others.

As the business grew, he was approached by many retail stores who saw a good thing, and wanted a piece of the pie. Tim was flattered! What a great way to get his racks to more people!  So he worked harder and longer, and cranked out more racks. But working harder and longer wasn’t as fulfilling as working directly with the customer. You become just another piece of the machinery. You don’t have time to think outside the box, to tweak that one thing that would help out a customer with his special need.

And then we went to Spain.

As we walked the many narrow, winding streets, we talked – struggling with the language and using many hand gestures! – with the shop owners. We met artisans who created their work, and sold it, direct to the customer. This is what it’s supposed to be! Making something with your own hands, helping another with a need. When we came home, we looked at our hometown with fresh eyes. Empty store fronts where Mom and Pop shops have gone under due to the arrival of Wal-Mart, a Mall gasping with it’s last dying breath, an excess of Dollar Stores. People somewhere (China?) cranking the machines, working longer and harder to get the product out.  

We’ve all heard “Work to live, don’t live to work” or some variation there of. And although we have always believed that, we were no longer following it. We fell victim to the rat race – more Kayak Tilts, more SeaHorses. Work faster, faster. We need more!

And then I read a book.  

God Never Blinks by Regina Brett to be exact. I am an avid reader, and this book really spoke to my soul. Basically, it reaffirmed to me that it’s ok to step back from the rat race, to just do what makes you happy, that you are ok just the way you are, right where you are. It’s all about quality of life, about what – at the end of the day – makes you happy and feel right within your world.

For us, it’s connecting with that customer who needs a paddle rack to hold that special paddle her son used to win the Hawaiian Canoe Paddle. For getting the Bike Rack to the restaurant to hold their vintage bicycle in time for their Grand Opening. For making the boat racks for the custom boat house in Wisconsin, picking the grain and color of wood to complement their new wood walls.

We don’t need to make millions, we don’t need to be in the Fortune 500. After the basics of shelter and food, we need what everyone needs – to be helpful, to be happy, to be loved.

Going back to our beliefs, working to bring the best we can make to you, the customer, does that for us. Quality of life.  Ahhhh…

by Jeanne Tucker

Talic, Inc.
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Auburn, NY   13021