Merry Christmas Everyone!

Only 6 days until Christmas, but for me, it’s only 4!  Friday, December 23rd, is my extended family’s Christmas party.  We expect about 53 at our home this year. 

With that many people, it’s hard to pick the best day for the gathering.  This year, I have one son coming home from college, and another son and family moving back to our hometown from Virginia on the 22nd. So I thought, how about a Holiday Party after Christmas, between Christmas and the New Year? Sounds good!  Except, I soon learned that there were conflicts with other family members.

As everyone has their own family plans on Christmas Eve, my only option was December 23rd.  And that was just two weeks away.   Can I pull this off?  Decorate, shop, finish projects, bake and work, all in two weeks?  Eeek!  When I asked Tim his thoughts, he replied, “Sure you can.  You’ll rise to the occasion.”  While I admit I do work best under pressure, this seemed a daunting task, even for the Queen of late nights and zombie days.

And here I am, Monday, December 19.  And guess what?  I am rising!  Groceries are bought, menu planned.  Most projects completed, some to be finished on the drive to pick up the college son.  The house is decorated, except for the tree, which will get done tonight (now that I found the tree lights!)  The cards have been mailed, baking is scheduled for Thursday and Friday.

And on Friday evening, my family will join us for Christmas.  We’ll eat, share stories and laughter.  Give gifts to the kids. Maybe sing a few songs.  And all too soon, they’ll be gone.  I’ll sit in my chair and reflect, and think Phew!  That was a lot of work!  Was it worth it?  Absolutely.

The Holiday Season isn’t about presents (good thing!  Wait ‘til the boys see what I didn’t get them lol).  It’s about sharing, it’s about love.  

Reach out to a loved one, and do just that.  Love them.

Merry Christmas.  I hope you have peace and love in your heart.  (A good cookie is a bonus 🙂