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A Natural feel to home

Talic Woodlands Shelving is designed to give your home a more natural and relaxed feel. Easily install and rearrange, Talic shelves are perfect for any room in your house, from the playroom to the living room. And with our Infinite Shelving Series, you can create shelves that stretch across an entire wall.

The Talic Woodlands System is perfect for everyone who loves wood shelves. It is made from high-quality materials and can be installed quickly. The shelves are made from Birch plywood and the vertical uprights are made from Ash hardwood.

They’re more than just shelves

This system is expertly produced and is perfect for storing and displaying all your fishing rods and reels. Whether you have spinners or casting rods, the Talic Woodlands System is the perfect solution for you. They’re also perfect for storing skis, bikes, kayaks, and paddles.

It is also great for remodeling your closets with the Wooden Clothes Hanger rod and brackets. These brackets are strong and durable, making them perfect for your closet space.

So give your home the natural feel it deserves with Talic Woodlands Shelving.

Woodlands Shelving

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Clothes Hanger Bracket

Clothes Hanger Bracket


Woodlands Clothes Hanger Rod Bracket

Woodlands Installation Tool


Rail Measurement & Installation Tool
Talic’s Woodlands Spreader Bar makes hanging & installing your vertical rail storage system extremely easy.
Sold individually
Holds your rails 16″ apart
Steadily secures your rails in place while you mount them to the wall.

Woodlands Deep 1 Step Ski Rack


One step “5 inches deep
For wide parabolic / shaped skis
Sold in sets of 2

Woodlands Waterfall Fishing Rod Rack


Sold Indivisually so that you can order 2 or 3 brackets.

Woodlands Horizontal Fishing Rod Rack


Sold individually so that you are able to order 3 if you need to.
Vertical Rails sold separately.

fisherman storageWoodlands Fly Rod Storage/Display Kit

Woodlands Fly Rod Storage/Display Kit


This attractive Talic W3001 Fishing Rod Rack Kit holds up to 5 rod and reel combos. Simple and reliable.

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