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It’s so easy

The FlipTite tie-down strap will make transporting your next load a breeze. The single rotation tightening buckle is both effortless and uncomplicated. Just insert the webbing, pull out the slack, and flip the buckle over. It’s tight, and you’re done!

It’s secure

The FlipTite buckle has a patent-pending three-point locking mechanism. What that means is that all three locking features need to be activated at the same time for it to release. Because each feature works independently, it is virtually impossible to accidentally release the strap. You can rest assured that your load is going to stay where you put it.

Simple and strong

The FlipTite is, without a doubt, the easiest tie-down strap the world has ever known. Designed to be simple enough for a 10-year-old to operate, but strong enough to secure loads like canoes, lumber, snowmobiles, or anything similar.


All the benefits of a ratchet strap, and none of the quirks. You’ll be able to tighten the FlipTite strap just as much as a ratchet strap, but you won’t have to wrestle with it to get the job done.

Not a cam strap

The FlipTite strap is not a cam strap. Cam straps do not tighten the webbing. They only hold the webbing in place once you’ve pulled it as tight as you can.

Normal Use Tension

We put our FlipTite buckle to the test and compared it to a ratchet strap to see how much normal use tension we could create with each of them. The results of our tests indicate that they are equal. The tension you create depends on how much effort you put into it.

Longevity Test

This test determined how much tension we lost over a period of time and compared that to a rachet strap. The tension losses we did witness were due to webbing stretch and not slip. Both FlipTite straps and ratchet straps lost nearly identical amounts of tension. Even though this is a small degree of change, it’s the reason why you would want to re-tighten your straps daily on a multi-day trek.

Polyester webbing vs. Nylon webbing

Because polyester webbing can look very much like nylon webbing, knowing which is which can be confusing. While looks may be deceiving, polyester straps are indeed safer and more efficient for tie- down strap applications than heavy duty nylon webbing. Statistically, a polyester strap can stretch approximately 5 to 15%, while a heavy duty nylon strap stretches between 20 to 30% under that same pressure.

Safety Guidelines

We follow the Web Sling and Tie Down Association guidelines for testing to determine safety and reliability.

To comply with these guidelines, we perform destructive tests on the FlipTite tie-down straps. To “test” them means the buckle and strap assembly will be stretched until it breaks. The Break Strength is determined by the average number of pounds it held when it failed. Special equipment is used to record the exact amount of stress that is being exerted on the assembly as that happens. To calculate the Working Load Limit we take the average Break Strength and divide that by three.

Choice Materials

We will be using polyester webbing because it is strong, doesn’t stretch excessively, and is resistant to harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. And, because it doesn’t absorb water, it won’t rot or mildew. The FlipTite buckle is made of high grade steel made in the USA, and finished with a clear zinc coating for long corrosion-free life.


FlipTite tie-down straps are designed specifically for loads such as lumber, ladders, mobility carts, furniture, kayaks, canoes, etc.
Here’s all the info on how to work a FlipTite buckle in 1 minute, 34 seconds.

FlipTite buckles are very adaptable. They’re useful whether you are carrying something delicate like a fiberglass kayak or a hefty load of lumber. The FlipTite buckle can adjust for either extreme, and anywhere in between.


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