Stand Upside DOWN Paddleboarding & Other Uses of an SUP

SUP Is Great For “Hiking,” Racing, Fishing, and Fitness!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already experienced (or at least heard of) Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP). Larger and heavier than its surfboard relatives, the SUP is praised by many for turning a trip on the water into an aquatic hike, a competitive race, a chance to fish, a fun activity to share with kids (or pets), and an incredibly refreshing way to workout. The way it combines lower body balancing with upper body paddling creates an intensely favorable fitness routine. However, traditional Stand-Up Paddleboarding isn’t the only fitness benefit this water activity offers.

And Don’t Forget Yoga!

Yogis are excited to test these boards out with all their yoga practices! As one of our dealers puts it: “SUP yoga [is] the perfect blend of balance, sunshine and the relaxation that comes from being on the water” ( While SUP yoga may require the flat waters of a still morning, it’s worth the wait because of how it amplifies the yoga experience. The ebb and flow of water rocking your board makes positioning a stance that much more challenging. SUP yoga increases strength for balancing as well as all the other benefits of yoga. You can also get a great tan while stretching under the sun. And, if you get too much sun, you can always “accidentally” lose your balance to take a refreshing dip in the water. 

A Board so Diverse Ought to Have a Sweet Storage Rack

Clearly the SUP is remarkably versatile, which is what makes it an outdoor toy we love to support! That’s why we’ll close this post by sharing a little about our SUP storage rack. The Hangout supports +100 pounds of 1-3 SUPs, surfboards, or windsurfers. Besides

The Hangout SUP Storage Rack

being handmade in America with the highest quality of gorgeous lumber, one of the best features of our Hangout SUP rack is the webbing. Whether you’re using your board for scenic paddling, racing, or yoga, our trademark 2″-wide webbing will keep your SUP stored safely after the end of your water venture. It lets you slide your board in the sling without ever causing a scratch or dent. Let Talic join you in celebrating the exciting possibilities of the SUP! Click the image to order your Hangout.

Okay, Now Let’s Review:

1. SUP is awesome for FUN & FITNESS
2. Yoga BOOMS on the SUP
Thus: Your SUP ought to be displayed on a high-quality SUP storage rack