Summer’s Not Over!

You can’t seem to turn on a TV, listen to the radio or open a newspaper without being told that summer is over and “back to school” season is upon you. Don’t listen to them! Staples doesn’t own you, OfficeMax can’t tell you what to do and Walmart doesn’t control your schedule. There’s still plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors and fantastic weather!

No matter where you’re reading this from, I’m willing to bet there’s a beach, mountain, forest, hiking trail and/or waterfall you haven’t visited yet within driving distance. So grab your boat, bike, camera, hiking boots, bathing suit or all the above and go play!

5 years from now you’re not going to remember the sale on notebook paper and pens you scored at Target – but you are going to remember packing up your car and conquering a new piece of the great outdoors. Whether it’s paddling, biking, camping, road tripping or whatever else you do outdoors – you still have 4 weeks till Labor Day, make them count!by Jeanne Tucker