Talic Rack Prevents Roof, Snow & Tree from Destroying Garage Valuables

Good morning Tim,

I was on your site last night ordering some new products, reading some of the recent customer feedback and noticed all the nice photos of your products. Here is a slightly different product testing photo.

During the… snow storm that caused damage and power outage to much of New York and New England, we lost our garage. A huge limb from a silver maple landed on the garage.  Inside our garage, like many other folks, are my toys i.e. kayaks. Probably 9+ yrs ago I ordered 3 Talic stud mount racks. Attached, is a photo of a Talic rack and squirt boat supporting the garage roof, snow & tree. You can see the joist separated from the roof and split, resting on the squirt boat. If the Talic rack had failed under the weight of the snow and tree, the garage roof would have collapsed onto our car, a motorcycle and many other items. It held strong! There was minor damage to the racks and no damage to the squirt boat. The webbing plugs popped out during the stress, probably allowing some give during the event.

The garage was beyond repair, it had to be knocked down to the ground and rebuilt. My original 3 racks are back up and away from trees. ;o)

THANK YOU for an AWESOME product.

Have a great day.
Tim B. of West Warren, MA