US Patent 7,168,666


I spent today making SeaHorses, Talic’s portable aluminum kayak stand.  And that got me to thinking, if you were looking for a portable kayak stand, why wouldn’t you choose the original?  As I applied the Talic label, the one that says Patent 7,168,666, my hands slid smoothly over the anodized aluminum.  So sleek, so clean, so functional.  So perfect.

Talic SeaHorses were dreamed up, designed, and patented by Tim.  They are manufactured completely here in the USA, by us.  We special order our aluminum tubing from South Carolina, have it anodized, and shipped to our shop here in upstate New York

We spotted these SeaHorses at a tradeshow. 14 years old and still going strong!

We spotted these SeaHorses at a tradeshow. 14 years old and still going strong!The SeaHorse jig (designed and fabricated by Tim) is a multi-processing unit.  It cuts the tubing into precise lengths and drills the rivet holes – all at the same time! Next stop, the sanding jig, where we deburr the ends of each tube.  Once the SeaHorses go to the assembly station, we apply the labels and flare the ends, with yet another custom fabricated jig.

Finally, each tube is fitted with a rubber “hinge” and the legs can be riveted together.  It’s quite a process, with many unseen details, but we take great pride in making each one ourselves.

And so again, I have to wonder, if you can purchase a free standing portable kayak rack that’s made of the best materials available here in the USA, why would you buy a knock-off?

If you are in the area, stop on by.  We’ll give you a tour. 

by Jeannie Tucker