Why Winter DOESN’T Suck: 3 Ways Skiing Helps You Love Winter

Winter brings the perfect atmosphere for ADVENTURE. How? You never know if your car is going to make it from Point A to Point B! Just teasing.

The kinds of adventures we want to have must be FUNEXCITING, and bring us to new levels of EXPLORATION. Sliding down icy roads inside heavy metallic machines doesn’t always give off the RIGHT kind of excitement. But another form of sliding down ice does: SKIING!

There are plenty of opportunities to embark on new adventures during the winter. Last month we discussed how fatbike cycling is one of those options. This month, we’ll slide into skiing. Below are three ways SKIING can help you LOVE WINTER:

1. Bundle up like a Kid

Remember playing in snow as a kid? Why is it that when we become adults we forget the joy and wonder of winter play? Maybe it’s as simple as forgetting to bundle up like a kid. Grab a pair of thermal wear, comfortable sweat pantssnow pants, and layers of shirts and sweatshirts. Top it all off with a resilient ski jacketwinter capski goggles (depending on sun), and even a balaclava for good measure. As a final touch, purchase a package of hand and toe warmers to stuff into your gloves and boots. Being warm and comfortable will amp you up for adventure on the snow and ice.

2. Learn from Other Skiers

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced skier, there’s always something to learn from others. Take a ski lesson, or have a more experienced friend walk you through everything from the basics of sidestepping up a hill, to an appropriate downslope stance, to slowing down using the “pizza” method, to learning how to control traveling down a slope. Everyone is at a different skill level. Skiing and talking with others will help you advance, and it’s always fun learning something new.

3. Embrace the Surroundings

Now that you’re bundled, warm, and learned a few new things, it’s time to simply embrace the beauty of the slopes. There’s something majestic and awe-inspiring about mountains and hills that lifts our eyes to the sky. The best part about skiing is that it doesn’t stop at SIGHTSEEING; you get to INTERACT with the beautiful landscape! Take a ride up the Lift and watch skiers and evergreens drop below your boots. Watch snow cannons blast cloudlike mists throughout the air. Breathe in the fresh, chilled air right before you take off down the mountainside. Listen to the laughs and screams of other skiers sliding down beside you. The mountains make a perfect setting for a winter adventure.

“I Love Skiing! But What’s Next?”

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